Fashion Influencer

If you are a fashion influencer or a fashion lover,then please join us!

We are looking for fashionista who are crazy about social media and loving sharing fashion styles,together to do something unique.

How does it work?

Firstly,please send us an email to apply for joining our #3rdhillfamily.

Secondly,we will response you after we receiving your email and confirm if we can collaborate .

Then,if you are approved,we will inform you to choose clothing(sometimes we choose it for you),and arrange shipping.

Finally,you need to try on our clothing and take some photos,posting to your Instagram page or do unboxing try on video on your Youtube channel after your receiving our clothing.Better to take photos outdoors,and don’t show other brands.

If you are interested in this program,then please send us an email to


Clothing are totally Free for you,but you may not get paid from this collaboration.